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How To Replace A Flat Roof – by Toronto Roofing Contractors

How To Replace A Flat Roof – by Toronto Roofing Contractors

Lets say you’ve got a Toronto garage the roof is approximately 15 years old you’re looking to have this roof sheets replaced . we’ll need 5 fiber cement sheets the same as what’s already on it at the moment they’re non asbestos so we won’t need to worry about that and it’s very straightforward. It’s a case of basically just taking the old ones off and replacing them with new ones and it takes no longer than I did.

So far we’ve taken half of the roof off and we’re about to take the other half of the roof off which is going to take probably another 5 or 10 minutes to do then we’re going to basically install the new sheets on line them up and then start attaching them to the steel trusses.

The new roof is a very similar material to what we’ve just replaced slightly more advanced the customer reckons the roof that we’ve taken off is 15 years old so I’d be disappointed that you never got at least another 15 years.

First we need to open a hole up through the roof and once he’s done that I’ll then push the bolt through the hole and Jim will attach the Avon clip to the underside I shall then gel from above and you hold it in place underneath to make sure the roof  is securely fixed. When done, go in see the customer now and make sure he’s happy with everything.


of course you can hire one of the Toronto Roofing Contractors to do this for you