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Toronto Electrician Training and Experience Week

Toronto Electrician Training and Experience Week

Toronto Electrician Training package including experience week is a 20-day course aimed at all new entries into the industry. On successful completion of the course you will be competent in installing circuits and qualified to join a part p scheme to allow you to self-certify your own work and call yourself a domestic installer.

You will spend a combination of time in the workshop and the classroom. They start with the basics of electricity in the classroom move in to the workshop and do a mostly practical week of how to install circuits on the second week you move in to Building Regulations Part P Course for two days Followed by a three-day Wiring Regulations Course

On the third week They go into ‘Testing and Inspection Initial Verification’ everything They’ve learned

They go in to the workshop and prove hat we’ve actually done it and report correctly in line with these wiring regulations on the fourth week, probably the most important week, They consolidate all that knowledge and experience and go into our house inside our building and use those circuits. They teach you how to install all the circuits correctly in real life environments test inspect them, we also go through things like quoting, invoicing, marketing yourself and putting those skills to use.

They even go out on a field trip to our local wholesaler and go and look at all the products that are available for you and your job. Our policy on class size is quite important to us, we like to keep our classes small to give you the best learning experience possible we don’t like to lose people in the crowd we like to keep close and give you the attention you need which can’t be done in large class sizes. I recommend this course to everyone entering the Toronto electrical industry and mostly this course because it brings in the extra experience needed to become a Toronto electrician and consolidate all your golden actually use it and come make your mistakes here rather than out on site. To find out more about the modules in this course please go to our course page on their website.